Romance & lightness at Nina Ricci F/W 13.14 Paris Fashion Week


details – Nina Ricci F/W 13.14 look 29, look 36
HQ Nina Ricci look 8 Patrycja Gardygajlo
look 8 on Patrycja Gardygajlo
HQ Nina Ricci look 11 Yumi Lambert
look 11 on Yumi Lambert
HQ Nina Ricci look 27 Kate Bogucharskaia
look 27 on Kate Bogucharskaia
HQ Nina Ricci Look 29 Jasmine Tookes
look 29 on Jasmine Tookes
HQ Nina Ricci look 30 Hanne Gaby Odiele
look 30 on Hanne Gaby Odiele
HQ Nina Ricci look 31 Milania Keller
look 31 on Milania Keller
HQ Nina Ricci look 33 Hedvig Palm
look 33 on Hedvig Palm
HQ Nina Ricci look 35 Manon Leloup
look 35 on Manon Leloup
HQ Nina Ricci look 36 Yumi Lambert
look 36 on Yumi Lambert

Plumage at Dries Van Noten F/W 2013 PFW

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at Dries Van Noten feathers were used to romanticize the brand’s Fall Winter 2013 collection, here are some select looks that utilized the light and pleasing embellishment

Dries Van Noten look 19 Marte Mei van Haaster
look 19 on Marte Mei van Haaster

Dries Van Noten look 21 Tian Yilook 21 on Tian Yi

Dries Van Noten look 23 Maria Lokslook 23 on Maria Loks

Dries Van Noten look 30 Esther Heesch
look 30 on Esther Heesch

Dries Van Noten look 34 Maria Bradley
look 34 on Maria Bradley

Dries Van Noten look 36 Irene Hiemstra
look 36 on Irene Hiemstra

Dries Van Noten look 38 Julia Nobis
look 38 on Julia Nobis

Dries Van Noten look 40 Maja Salamon
look 40 on Maja Salamon

Dries Van Noten look 42 Tilda Lindstam
look 42 on Tilda Lindstam

Dries Van Noten look 43 Amanda Murphylook 43 on Amanda Murphy

Dries Van Noten look 45 Clara Nergardh
look 45 on Clara Nergardh

Dries Van Noten look 47 Caroline Brasch Nielsen
look 47 on Caroline Brasch Nielsen