Vogue Nippon July 2007 ‘Reflections of the Silver Screen of India’ by Tim Walker Styled by Jacob K with model Audrey Marnay


French model Audrey Marnay poses for whimsical photographic legend Tim Walker in this 2007 story for Vogue Nippon.’Reflections of The Silver Screen of India’ was shot on location on the Indian coast and sees Marnay in a silver-y dreamlike wardrobe – styled by Jacob K.

55069_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia001_122_762lo copy 55069_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia001_122_762lo 55075_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia002_122_544lo 55077_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia003_122_510lo 55083_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia005_122_339lo 55094_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia007_122_729lo 55101_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia008_122_362lo-1 55101_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia008_122_362lo 55285_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia009_122_578lo-1 55285_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia009_122_578lo 55306_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia010_122_1109lo-1 55306_ReflectionoftheSilverScreenofIndia010_122_1109lo


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