POLAROIDS — Backstage at Chloe Spring 2013


Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+aqmFw3-XnUrx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+ZiK6EzZ1Th3x-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+wE3IXYwzNlbx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+aqmFw3-XnUrx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+wyH1l8nPDLHx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+KpcSAH7J1rEx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+KCnlWt5tPjVx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+Zph9eIOX3TPx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+fAOPMeHk0lWx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+la-3_zwnIltx-pola Chloe+Spring+2013+Backstage+kMzcuNpWkOqx-pola

Some sweet polaroids from a sweet show. From the wispy whites to a stunning pink dress on american model Jacquelyn Jablonski. This was one of my favorite looks from the whole of Spring 2013. Beautiful collection from Chloe.


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